Changing the Approach to Regulation of local food systems in minnesota

funded by a Bush Foundation Community Innovation Grant

Program Logic Models


What is a Program Logic Model?


A Program Logic Model is like an outline of a project. It says what you want to accomplish, what resources you have, what activities should take place, and what the expected outcomes are.

The 8 Program Logic Models linked below are brief sketches of ideas that were developed by the Project Team.  They are intended to be a resource for further efforts to secure funding and build project teams around these ideas.


Program Logic Model # 3 was used in May of 2016 to develop a
Food Safety Outreach grant proposal.

8 Program Logic Models:

1. Implementing Workshops/Education Opportunities for Food Entrepreneurs
Word .docx  |  PDF

2. Simple, Visual Representation(s) of Regulatory Concepts (flow chart/idea tree)
Word .docx  |  PDF

3. Joint Educational and Problem Solving Forums 2x Per Year in 8 Locations in MN
Word .docx  |  PDF

4. In-Depth Feasibility Modeling Research of Minneapolis 311 System
Word .docx  |  PDF

5. Regional Food Safety Experts
Word .docx  |  PDF

6. Second Opinion Campaign
Word .docx  |  PDF

7. Implementing Statewide 311 System
Word .docx  |  PDF

8. Statutory Changes
Word .docx  |  PDF

All 8 Program Logic Models:   Google document  |  Word .docx  |  PDF

Proposed Timeline of Implementation


Learn more about Program Logic Models from the University of Wisconsin Extension.

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